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10 Moving Tips

1) Fill out a change of address form online.

Skip a trip to the post office! USPS makes it easy to change your address online – click here.

2. Back up all computers and mobile devices.

Who knows what can or will happen from one house to the next? Back everything up before you go to avoid losing important photos, documents and more.

3. Take photos of all your electronic hubs to remember where each cord goes.

Snapping a few quick pics for reference will save you tons of time when you’re ready to hook everything back up again.

moving tips cords 10 Moving Tips to Share with Your Clients

4. If you will be moving your refrigerator, unplug and defrost it two days before to avoid a stinky mess.

Clean everything out and pop open the doors so you can start fresh at your new place. Put perishables in an ice chest… or order pizza for every meal. icon wink 10 Moving Tips to Share with Your Clients

5. Tuck your knives inside potholders to protect their blades, your stuff and your fingers.

If you normally store your kitchen knives loosely in a drawer or on a magnetic strip, tuck them into oven gloves to keep them from scratching the rest of your things and dulling their blades.

6. Use trash bags to pack your hanging items. Bonus: unpacking is super easy!

Pull a trash bag over your hanging shirts, pants, dresses and jackets, leaving just the hanger hooks exposed.

moving tips hangers 10 Moving Tips to Share with Your Clients

7. Pack plates vertically, like records (remember those?), and they’ll be less likely to break.

Packing this way reduces the pressure on the center on the plate, especially for those at the bottom of a heavy stack. This makes them less likely to crack as they are bumped and jostled about.

8. Wrap drawers and organizers in plastic to keep contents secure and in place.

Just unwrap to unpack, and save yourself hours of folding, sorting and general drawer Tetris.

moving tips silverware 10 Moving Tips to Share with Your Clients

9. Pack books in rolling suitcases for easier transport.

Books are heavy. Put too many in a big box and risk broken cardboard and a back injury. But who wants to move a bunch of tiny boxes of books? The solution: roll your literary tomes to your new home inside a wheeled suitcase.

10. Call a locksmith to have your locks changed on the day you move in to your new place.

Safety first! There’s no way to know how many people the previous tenants gave a key to or who made copies while your new place was vacant. Change the locks just in case; some agents even do this as a closing gift.




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