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How Can I find a Home That Meets My needs?

  • Identify the features you want in a home with our homebuying wish list.
  • If you aren’t already working with a real estate agent, your home mortgage consultant can give you information about contacting real estate agents in your area. Real estate agents make it their business to know about communities and housing options.

  • Remember that location is as important as appearance or size.
  • Think about your needs in terms of your home’s location. Do you need to be in a particular school district or close to a job?
  • Although no one can predict future property values, your real estate agent can help you learn about trends in your area over the years.

Needs and wants
  • Consider the features you want in a new home. For example:
    • How many bedrooms and baths do you need?
    • Do you need central heating or air conditioning?
  • Try to separate “wants” from “needs” and prioritize your list.
  • Think about ranking each item. Then look for a home with the most important features.

Types of homes
  • A single-family home is just one of your options.
  • Condominiums, town homes, and co-ops all offer different lifestyle and ownership features. Be sure to budget for monthly assessments that typically include garbage removal, landscaping, and more.
  • Consider newly built homes in addition to existing homes. Our Construction Lending Center provides financing tips and buying considerations.

Sometimes finding your ideal home involves compromise. You may want to consider “a diamond in the rough” — a place you can transform with a bit of ingenuity or some renovations.




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