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Would Your Neighbors Call you a Good Neighbor?

We all want and deserve to have good neighbors. Nothing can be more frustrating than being on bad terms with your neighbors. We probably spend more time with our neighbors, or looking out at their lawns than we realize. The truth is, your neighbor might not think you are as good a neighbor as you probably think you are. Here are just a few tips that might help
you develop and maintain good relations with your neighbors:

1. Smile and greet them when you see them. Call them by their names. People love to hear their names being called. If you have not met  your neighbors, walk across or down the street and introduce yourself to them. Show an interest in their children or elderly parents if that is the case.
2.  Get to know something about their work.If they work nights,and sleep during the day, be mindful of this  by making sure your dog’s barking won’t be a problem.
3.  Do you have pets? Does your dog dig up your neighbor’s flower
Does  your dog chase their cat? Or how about loud barking in theevent that your neighbor is trying to sleep? If  your neighbor has a small child or an infant, loud barking is sure to put you on the “wrong side of the fence” with your neighbors. Do you keep your dog on a leash?
4. Parking – Is there anything more upsetting than driving
home from a hard day’s work and finding your neighbor’s teenage friends parked in front of your your, or blocking your driveway? Or what about having friends and family over for the holidays? Be sure to ask your neighbor if it is ok to use part of their “space” to accomodate friends or relatives visiting for the holidays.
5. Entertaining – Remember to be considerate if you are
having a party or entertaining friends. Let your neighbors know in advance.You might also want to invite them as well.
6. Keep your lawn in great shape. The presence of a well maintainedyard is pleasing notonly to you, but to your neighbors as well. It instills pride in the neighborhood.
Remember, just a few considerate acts on your part can do a lot to increase the bond between neighbors.



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