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Is a Home Warranty a Necessity When Buying a Home?

Home buyers have many questions during the process of purchasing their property. For instance, they often wonder if they should get a home inspection, work with a particular lender or choose a certain kind of loan program. One question that many buyers forget to ask is whether or not they should get a home warranty. This is perhaps one of the most important questions that should be asked before purchasing a home.

Not all warranty programs are created equally. Some companies are certainly better than others, so it’s important to really read the fine print when it comes to what the warranty covers. In addition, you should ask your real estate professional what your options are when it comes to getting a home warranty on the property.

When making their initial offer on the property, many buyers decide to put a special stipulation into the contract asking the seller to purchase a one-year home warranty. This is often a sign of good faith on the part of the seller. In other words, they are giving the buyer something that will assist them if anything goes wrong with the property for up to one year after they purchase the home. Most warranty companies will also let the buyer go ahead and extend the warranty year after year if they so choose. Of course, there is an annual premium involved in this.

A home warranty will cover a number of different things happening to the home after closing. There are usually many different levels to choose from with the home warranty company. Depending upon the service call charge, certain items may or may not be covered. For instance, if there is a swimming pool on the property, you may have to buy additional coverage for that item. Certain items, such as roofing, may require additional coverage as well.

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