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When Searching For Your First Home, nothing beats the in-person experience

In many aspects of my life, the Internet is the first place I go for information. So it may come as no surprise that I  started my search for our first home earlier this year online, too.

But when I was house hunting, I learned two  reasons why it’s best not to over-rely on the virtual world when it  comes to real estate.

  1. Photos or videos can’t replace seeing it for yourself. While these can be great introductions to a property, factors such as  lighting or staging can affect how the home appears on your computer  screen. If you’re interested in a property, tell your Texas REALTOR®, and he’ll make an appointment for you to see it for yourself. You can  then find out if reality matches how it’s presented online. You also may discover desirable or unattractive features that weren’t apparent until you visited the property.
  2. The Internet is not always reliable. Unfortunately, some information posted on public websites may not be  accurate. Sites may contain outdated or incorrect information, and this  can mislead you into thinking a home has certain features it does not.  It’s also possible that a home you found online is no longer available.

I relied on my Texas REALTOR®, who provided  me with the most up-to-date information available. He also arranged for  me to see potential properties in person before making decisions rather  than saying yes or no based solely on online info. It’s great to look at listings online, but  if you’re considering purchasing a home, talking to a Texas REALTOR® should be one of your first steps.



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