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12 Advantages of Buying New Home VS. Resale Homes

12 Advantages of Buying New Home VS. Resale Homes
1. NEW – Builder warranty. A new home comes with a homebuilder’s warranty which is usually 1-2 years from the builder and 10 years for the foundation and structure. VS RESALE – A resale home’s warranty is usually expired.
2. NEW – Choice of Lot, Location, Financing, Floor Plan and Exterior Design. VS RESALE – Home is sold “as-is”.
3. NEW – Most builders offer some type of incentives for FREE upgrades or packages. VS RESALE – Not an option.
4. NEW – Choice of Builder and Construction Materials. VS RESALE – NO Choice.
5. NEW – Fully Equipped Modern Kitchen. VS RESALE – Outdated Appliances.
6. NEW – High Insulation Standards. (ENERGY EFFICIENT) VS RESALE – Dated Insulation and Higher Utility Costs.
7. NEW – Choice of Interior Options and Color Selections. VS RESALE – No Choice of Interior Options and Color Selections.
8. NEW – Latest Architectural Designs. VS RESALE – Dated Floor Plans.
9. NEW – New Home Owners Decorate According to Taste. VS RESALE – Must Accept Decor “as-is”.
10. NEW – Invest in Home with Accelerated Appreciation Potential. VS RESALE – Pay Market Price for “already-appreciated” Property.
11. NEW – More Likelihood for Recreational Amenities. VS RESALE – Less Likelihood for Recreational Amenities.
12. NEW – Builder May be willing to Accept Contingent Contracts. VS RESALE – Individual Seller’s Unlikely to wait for you to Sell your Existing Home.



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